Confessions of a Shopaholic

Today is shopping day!
Tired of fitting into tight dresses for the shoots in the past few days, I opted for my trusty denim and a comfy black tank top, and wrapped my favourite leopard print scarf around the neck for a more dressed-up look. With my classic Givenchy carry-all and Marc Jacobs sunnies, I’m all ready to hit the town!

I ended up having sore toes shopping for hours in my Alexander McQueen heels. And needless to say, I lost track of how much I spent — I do that (consciously) all the time 🙂

Anyway, I got home with my hands full of shopping bags! New bag, new shoes, new dresses…Yay to my wardrobe! 

It wasn’t until I opened my credit card bill that I realised my last shopping spree was just 10 days ago, and it was just last weekend when I bought my new Marc Jacobs sunnies.

Was it just last weekend? If feels like a long long time ago…

I’m such a shopaholic I can do no denying.

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