Picnic Day

Recently, I have people asking what is my personal style, do I only wear designer pieces (thinking models get to take home what they wear for fashion shoots), and whether I can post some daily pictures of myself to see how I dress-up when I’m off work.


Hm that’s actually a good idea! So today I decide to blog about something different and more personal 🙂

Today is picnic-day with my besties — where we gather to gossip, enjoy a cup of tea and some home-baked muffins. I wore my floral bustier from Chloe Sevigney paired with Teresa eyelet skirt from dELiAs. The gigantic straw hat I bought from Topshop was simply perfect to hide my big wide face from the sun.

So back to the question on whether I only wear designer pieces? The answer is no. As much as I enjoy the splurge on designer wear, I do love high street fashion and flea markets. 

Me enjoying a good cup of earl grey…

(These photos are now in my new album)


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