I’m-A-Plasterdoll: Style Blogger Series (Part 2)

I know many are anticipating Part 2 of my I’m-A-Plasterdoll: Style Blogger Series since my previous post featuring the ever-stylish Karla from Karla’s Closet.The next style blogger that I’m going to try to look like is London-based Susanna Lau (Or Susie Bubble) of Style Bubble, one of the fashion blogosphere’s most original and influential voices.

Susanna is indeed a fashion household name. I remember seeing ‘Style Bubble’ everywhere in many personal / fashion blogs when I first started reading fashion blogs, and I thought – Gosh, she must be famous!). She is acknowledged as a leader in the blog revolution that has changed the fashion world, and is regularly spotted at the front-row seat at big-time designers’ fashion shows along with other superstar fashion bloggers like Tavi Gevinson and BryanBoy.

Susie in her very original look. Check out those vintage cocktail pyjama trousers! Somehow she looks great but I look a little awkward in them -_-

Susanna’s blog Style Bubble is an outlet where she voices her personal take on style, her observations and opinions on fashion. Her style is ever-evolving and ever-changing, and basically “anything goes”. As she loves experimenting, it’s hard to find one “signature look” of hers, although I do think the way she usually buns up her hair screams “Susie” (See pictures below).
What I admire most about Susanna is her originality — The way she experiments and puts together pieces in ways that many would have thought is impossible. That, to me, must take a lot of guts!

This photograph of me looks nothing like me. I simply can’t shine the Susie-way! But I do hope I look enough like her in her original photograph 🙂 Since my Customised Plasterdoll prints are meant for me to look like anyone but myself!
Images taken from Style Bubble (www.stylebubble.co.uk)
And by the way, Susie is now in the running for Bloglovin’s 2011 Blog Awards under the category “Most Original Blog“, which is a title that I think Susie truly deserves! 
I was also very happy to see Karla’s Closet (whom I talked about in my previous post) in the running for “Best Personal Style Blog“. I would love to see her win the title!

That’s all for now, while I go get some beauty sleep and hopefully share Part 3 of I’m-A-Plasterdoll: Style Blogger Series real soon! I’m very excited with Part 3, as she is one of my current favourite fashion bloggers 🙂 Can’t wait to share, so stay tuned my dear!

(a.k.a. Plasterdoll)