Like Mother, Like Daughter

Hello dearies,
I just completed another photoshoot session which I’m really excited to share! This is another request for a Customised Plasterdoll print, this time for a stylish mummy and daughter.
Karen is the stylish mummy and one helluva fashionista, and seen next to her is her 5-year old daughter Kayley (so cute and lovable!) who lovesssssss dresses and bags just like the mum! As requested by Karen, both mummy and daughter wear this elegant Lanvin for H&M little black dress and red Birkin. And of course, this has to be taken with Karen’s new Audi TT!
Left: Karen the stylish Mummy, Right: Kayley the 5-year old daughter. 
Kayley: “I wanna be just like mummy when I grow up…”
 Karen the stylish Mummy
Love the embellishments on the dress!
Kayley with her smaller version of Birkin
In real life, this mummy and daughter sometimes try to dress alike just for fun! Such a cool mummy and daughter don’t you think so? 🙂
(a.k.a. Plasterdoll)

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