I’m-A-Plasterdoll: Style Blogger Series (Part 4)

Here comes Part 4 of I’m-A-Plasterdoll: Style Blogger Series that Tara and I were working on last weekend.
This time around, I was styled and photographed to resemble this gorgeous Parisian blogger, Kenza. I love how my hair was being styled, makes me wanna curl my long straight hair for a change!
And this is Kenza of La revue de Kenza (it means the journal of Kenza).
Gorgeous, isn’t she? And the hair… Everytime I look at it I ask myself the same question, should I perm it or not? What do you think?
Do visit Kenza‘s blog for more of her “lookbooks”. And if you missed the earlier part of the Style Blogger Series, they are here:

Part 1: As Karla of Karla’s Closet
Part 2: As Susie Bubble of Style Bubble
Part 3: As The Cherry Blossom Girl and Miss Pandora

Have a wonderful day! And did you realise it’a already March?

(a.k.a. Plasterdoll)

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