My Eco Bag

This morning I did some grocery shopping before heading to Starbucks for coffee with Tara. I wore this Ralph Lauren cashmere cardigan that I just bought and it was super comfy, makes me feel as though I’m still in bed ūüôā
Okay, this is definitely not my brightest and most cheerful outfit, but I felt like going neutral today and just being my brown-self. And Tara, being straightforward as usual, made a remark on how my green canvas shopper bag looks like the main accessory for my outfit today -_-

I guess she’s right…. It even stole the limelight of my Alexa bag….
That shows how shopper bags can spice up an otherwise dull neutral outfit. I shall be more alert when choosing my shopper bag next time ūüôā
I hope you too carry your own shopper bag when shopping? Do I see a guilty look? ūüėČ
Personally I think it’s an easy and effective way for a shopaholic like me to be more eco-friendly. You should do so too! I’m not a tree hugger, but it’s nice to know that I’m doing my part to save the environment, and furthermore, it’s really more convenient to carry all my purchases in one big bag.
1 | Tibi silk camisole (from  2 | Canvas shopper bag (from flea market, also can be found here)  3 | Made In Heaven skinny jeans (from  4 | Ralph Lauren Black Label cashmere cardigan (from  5 | Yves Saint Laurent leather sandals (from  6 | Mulberry Alexa (from Mulberry)
Ok, I can’t wait to read the Vogue I just bought!
Have a great weekend you all!
(a.k.a. Plasterdoll)

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