Plasterdoll-Ad: D&G Spring Summer 2011

I’m soooo excited writing this post because I’m about to introduce two hotties whom I have been working with for our Plasterdoll-Ads “fashion project”. You’ve seen Stefano in our very first Plasterdoll-Ads, and now for our D&G Spring Summer 2011 collection Plasterdoll-Ads, may I introduce to you:

Georgina (far left) and Naomi (far right)!

Ooopssss, this was the first take of the shoot and we were so unprepared! Georgina was checking her nails (she’s obsessed with her manicured nails!). My sunglasses was falling off my head. Stefano and Naomi were all good, except we kept forgetting that our heads are rather big and we’ve gotta keep some distance so that our heads don’t cover each others’! We are still beginners when it comes to taking group shot…

Now this is perfect! And I have to mention, Naomi is such a pro! Look at her….

Below are the close-ups, and as you can see, we are inspired by the human models. They have super long legs and not to mention a very proportionate body we truly envy!

Georgina – I love her candid shot!

Me – This jumpsuit is sooooo comfy!

Stefano – I can hear girls screaming already! 😉

Naomi – Love to see her strike a pose like this!

This is our very first group shot, and it was a great experience! We had so much fun and we are definitely going to do more 🙂

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xoxo, Summer (a.k.a Plasterdoll)

(Please note that this is a fictional story and not an actual advertising campaign for the said label)

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