Dress Us Up!

Today we are launching  Dress Us Up on Plasterdoll.com! Notice we now have a permanent Dress Us Up tab (See above)!

With Dress Us Up, you can now help us style and create different looks with stuff we have in our wardrobe. It’s just like playing dress up doll games (literally!). We are hoping this photo entices you to play dress up with us. Stefano totally thinks there could be more guys wanting to play! Hmmm….

How To Participate

As part of this launch, we got our dearest Sereni & Shentel to sponsor some exciting prizes for a Dress Us Up Contest! You will play the role as a stylist and your mission is to create the best look for us wearing our selected Sereni & Shentel’s headband by mixing and matching items we already have in our wardrobe! It is very simple, click “Start Styling” and we will explain further.

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

You now have an empty art board that you will start with, and just underneath the art board is a list of items from our “wardrobe” that you can drag and drop on to the art board.

Step 1: Pick one Plasterdoll character.
Step 2: Pick one Sereni & Shentel headband.
Step 3: Now bring out the stylist in you! Pick items from our wardrobe and create the best look to go with the selected headband. There should be one complete outfit, a bag and a pair of shoes. Accessories are optional. Under the “Gallery” tab on the art board, we have included 2 examples to help you visualise the output. Click here for some useful tips (See under “Useful Tips” at the bottom of the page).
Step 4: Once you’re done, submit your entry by clicking “Publish”. You then either “Sign in” if you already have a Polyvore account, or register in a few simple steps. You may also sign in using your Facebook account.

And that’s it! Your submitted set will immediately be available for viewing on the “Gallery” tab on the art board along with all submissions by other participants. Each participant may submit up to 5 sets (no restriction on the Plasterdoll character or headbands used, but we love to see variety!). All submissions must be done before Friday, 17 June 2011 (To cater for all countries, ending time will be at 11:59pm on Thursday, GMT + 0:00).

Winners Selection & Prizes

4 winners will walk away with these fabulous prizes worth up to USD100 each!


There will be 4 categories based on our selected Sereni & Shentel headbands (i.e. Ice Ice Baby Matte Red, Kuching Cat Emerald, Mandy Shocking Pink, and New Money Metal Grey). All submitted sets automatically fall under the category based on the headband chosen. The judging panel (i.e. Plasterdoll and Sereni & Shentel) will select 5 best looks from each category to form our 20 finalists for this contest.

These 20 sets will be uploaded on our Facebook page and be available for voting for 5 days from Saturday, 18 June 2011 to Wednesday, 22 June 2011 (11.59pm GMT + 0.00). The winner for each category will be based on the highest votes and will be announced on the following day.

Each winner from the 4 categories will receive:

1. One Sereni & Shentel headband (based on the category) worth up to USD60
2. One Customised Plasterdoll 8×10 Print (based on your winning entry) worth USD30
3. One Plasterdoll Postcards Set (Set of 4) worth USD10

All prizes will be shipped to you at no cost!

Terms and Conditions

1. This contest is open to everyone.
2. Each participant may submit up to 5 sets. Any submission after the 5th set will be omitted, so submit only your best 5!
3. All items contained in each set must be selected from our “wardrobe” only (i.e. our “items”). Sets that contain items not from our “wardrobe” will be omitted.
4. Voting will run on Facebook and the number of votes will be based on the number of “Likes” on the finalists’ set.
5. All decisions made by the judging panel shall be final. And we just want to ensure all of you have fun playing dress up! 🙂

Start putting your styling cap on now!

xoxo, Plasterdoll

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