When Dolls and Human Meet

Finally, something that we have been wanting to announce!

We’ve been modeling for a while now, but for the first time, Georgina and I had the opportunity to participate in a fashion shoot for a Malaysian label, Innai, with two other human models! Yes, you heard it right, human models!

Boy are they tall…. and it was awkward in the beginning when they had to get used to not leaning too close to our body or they will hit our big head 😛 And we couldn’t be standing side-by-side with the human models because the contrast of our heights is just way to big.

I wore the Jeweldrops, Georgina wore the Jewelinks, and this tall lass between us is Russian model, Olga

Innai is a Malaysian-based contemporary batik designer label, popular for its smart combination of traditional hand-drawn batik with modern designs and silhouettes. In case you are wondering, Batik is a fabric or pattern that traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique, most commonly found in asian countries.

For this Spring/Summer 2011-2012 collection, Innai‘s batik prints are inspired by lace, chandelier, pearl, ribbon, and all things we LOVE, and they are creatively designed into modern kaftans, cut-out shoulder dresses and tops, kimonos and our favourite babydoll dresses. The collection is so sweet and simply whimsical! And of course, this collection was perfectly shot in a popular local cafe +wondermilk. We fell in love with its so-pretty-we-don’t-wanna-eat cupcakes (or they call it cuppacakes!) and its very unique and whimsical decor. Just look at these photos!

Georgina in Chandelure (chandelier-inspired), with Celestine (left) and Olga (right)

Savouring macarons with Olga in this Antique Frame cut-out shoulder dress. I’d die for her height!

Georgina in Damask Ikat. Our FAVOURITE dress! And absolutely loving Georgina and Olga’s expression

I wore Lacey Kimono

Georgina in Autumn Leaves. Another of our FAVOURITES! Celestine has the sweetest smile I swear

I wore the Ribbonette looking a little worried I’ll fly off with the Helium balloons

Georgina and I were so excited before, during, and after the photoshoot as we couldn’t get over the fact that we were so lucky to be part of this shoot for Innai’s collection. AND the best part is, we had a chance to make an appearance at Who’s Next at Paris, an international fashion tradeshow. If only we could speak French, we would’ve made a few friends there 😉

Thank you Innai! And you MUST visit Innai’s new website. So lovely and whimsical with little illustrations of penguins, flying sheeps and rocking horse. And not to mention our face is all over the website (look under “2011”)! Enjoy!

xoxo, Summer (a.k.a. Plasterdoll)

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