Polka Dot for Winter

If there’s a trend you shouldn’t miss this winter, we think it’s polka dot! We are absolutely loving our super-kitsch and quirky polka dot winter pieces from Marc Jacobs.

Complete with a miniature beret and to polka dot sheer tights, we are all set to be spotted by the cameras.

Marc Jacob’s Fall/Winter 2011 ad campaign in the human world sure did catch a lot of attention when it was launched. An unexpected new face, british actress Helena Bonham Carter, was the spokesface for the ad, looking somewhat twisted and clowny. Interesting art direction we think!

Can’t say we like it but it definitely did make us go “WOW”. Makes us wonder if we should make our Plasterdoll ad campaigns more interesting 😉

xoxo, Summer (a.k.a Plasterdoll)

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