Post-Olympics: Stella McCartney’s Sports Luxe

Hello! Finally my turn to blog….

So it is the end of the London Olympics.

I’m not exactly that into sports, but my twice-weekly yoga and occasional tennis and swim add up to more than what Summer and Georgina would do in a year combined. And in case you don’t know, I’m very much in love with the sports-luxe trend that is all over the runway. It kinda brings out the athlete in me 🙂

Today I wore a Stella McCartney’s stretch tweed paneled minidress (in the spirit of the London Olympics!) that goes perfectly with my Celine Trapeze bag.

Stella did such an amazing job in designing the Olympic kit for the Great Britain’s team. Love the uniforms and gosh I want Jessica Ennis’ body!

Some pictures of Stella McCartney’s fall 2012 campaign featuring gorgeous Natalia Vodianova.

Okay, I’m heading off to run some errands.

A close-up before I go off, just ‘cos I can’t get over how good my Trapeze look with this dress.

“If Céline’s Luggage tote is the edgy answer to the Birkin, then the Trapeze is the Kelly’s more flamboyant counterpart” – Bag Snob

So true.

Much love, Naomi (a.k.a Plasterdoll)

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