Female Magazine Cover

So we are about to unveil the “secret shoot” we mentioned two months ago….

We were picked by Female Magazine Malaysia to “design” (guess they meant to “shoot”?) their magazine cover. The theme was “CELEBRATION”, and we excitedly brainstormed on the artistic direction of the shoot. To be honest, we weren’t too sure if we were on the right track as we were worried if we interpreting the word “CELEBRATION” correctly. I mean, this is for the human magazine, plus, our walking dictionary (who else but Naomi!) was on a vacation. But we figured it’d be safe to just put on our party outfits and have lots of balloons!

And THIS was the outcome…..


Georgina wears bicolour scallop-edged dress from Valentino and party hat from Sereni & Shentel; Summer wears tank dress and raccoon bed jacket from Marc Jacobs and teardrop tiara from Sereni & Shentel.



Now the BIG BIG favour that we need to request from you now, is to VOTE FOR US! (Vote for “Jessica Wong, Fashion Illustrator”! Yup, that’s our beloved creator! Hehe)

Thank you and we love you all!

xoxo, Plasterdoll

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