It’s Party Time!

It was a long day of shooting at the studio.

Need to head off to a party in an hour’s time. Thankfully I have sorted out what to wear!

Estee Lauder - Illustration (Final Low Res) S3-1

All I need now is a little perk me up for my tired skin to pull off this glittery dress. But what’s there to worry when I have these beauty products that I have been using daily:

Estee Lauder - Illustration (Final Low Res) S3-2

A quick way to detox and re-hydrate my skin after a long day is by using the Nutritious 2-Step Treatment Mask, starting with its clay mask and followed by its gel mask. I love how my skin feels instantly renewed after the mask!

Estee Lauder - Illustration (Final Low Res) S3-3

Next, I applied the Radiant Essence and Radiant Gel Emulsion. The Radiant Essence which is packed full of Pink Peony Extract, Pomegranate and Super Berries – the active ingredients which helps revive skin’s natural rosiness and radiance, and the Radiant Gel Emulsion which is infused with nutrient-rich hydration to lock in the skin moisture.

Estee Lauder - Illustration (Final Low Res) S3-4

For tonight’s party look, I decided to go for smokey eyes for a more dramatic look. But guess what, all I needed for my face was this Estee Lauder CC Cream. It’s perfect since its lightweight and doesn’t make me look overly done as I wanted to let my eyes do the talking. For my lips, I used the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Shine which gives just enough tint to my lips.

Estee Lauder - Illustration (Final Low Res) S3-5

I’m all ready to party!

Estee Lauder - Illustration (Final Low Res) S3-6

If you need a quick perk me up plus a rosy glow and hydrated skin, click here for a free sample to give it a try.

Much love,

Summer (a.k.a. Plasterdoll)

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