Making a Rosy First Impression

It’s been a week since I began using the Estee Lauder Nutritious Rosy Prism products and I have to say, I’m seeing good results on my skin! It helps my skin stay hydrated all day long and I can’t help noticing that rosy glow 🙂

This practically has been my routine every morning….

Estee Lauder - Illustration (Final Low Res) S2-1

No matter how rush I am in the morning, I will never skip applying the Radiant Essence. More so on days like today when I need to make a good first impression meeting a client.

Estee Lauder - Illustration (Final Low Res) S2-2

Can’t decide if I’m more addicted to how comforting and lightweight the Radiant Essence feels on my skin, or that fruity refreshing scent that lingers on my skin.

Right after that, I seal in all the goodness with the Radiant Gel Emulsion which also acts as a barrier to lock in the moisture and keep my skin hydrated all day long.

Estee Lauder - Illustration (Final Low Res) S2-3

And of course, I won’t leave home without at least a layer of CC Cream which comes with SPF 20. It’s light enough to make me look made up but not overly done. It also helps counteract the sallowness in my skin.

Estee Lauder - Illustration (Final Low Res) S2-4

With a light lipstick, I’m all ready for my meeting! I’m using Pink Dragon from the Pure Colour Envy Shine collection.

Estee Lauder - Illustration (Final Low Res) S2-5

But first, let me take a selfie 🙂

Estee Lauder - Illustration (Final Low Res) S2-6

I sometimes avoid wearing pink because a pink outfit makes your skin look even more dull and yellow in contrast especially if you have yellow skin tone like me. I’m so glad my skin is now naturally rosy and glowing. I’ve never felt so confident flaunting pink!

If rosy glow and hydrated skin is what you need, click here for a free sample to try it out for yourself.

Have a rosy day!

Much love,

Summer (a.k.a. Plasterdoll)

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