New Way to Wear Tights?

You know how people always say they learn something new everyday? Every fashion shoot, I learn new ways to wear stuff I never knew could be possible.
We all know there are many many ways to wear our tights, and at all seasons. In autumn or winter, they keep our legs warm when worn under a trenchcoat. Even in summer, they look good under a tunic or long top, and we can be less conscious wearing minis. Coloured tights make fun accessories as they magically cheer up an otherwise plain outfit. 
But yesterday, I learnt another new way of wearing them at a photoshoot.  Vivienne Westwood totally reinvented how tights can be worn, and made it possible to wear cotton shorts in autumn by wearing tights over them!

…Although I’m still in doubt if I would ever wear tights this way… People will look at me funny, no?

But I must say I like the Prince-Charming-Tee a lot! 🙂

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