The Chanel Necklace

I gave a sneak preview on my Facebook yesterday of this Chanel necklace. Lovely isn’t it? I wore it yesterday to create this customised look for one of my avid fans T for her customised Plasterdoll print.
T wanted the focus to be on this lovely Chanel Necklace, well actually necklaces should be more accurate as I was actually wearing one Chanel pearl necklace over the other to make it chunkier (this was exactly the same way Anne Hathaway wore this necklace in Devil Wears Prada!). Absolutely love the trinkets!
To complete T’s look, I carried this Goyard Boston bag which is T’s signature style, and not forgetting pearl studs earrings for a sophisticated look.
Of course for this shoot I had to wear a bob hair wig to resemble T‘s hairstyle. I did get quite a lot of comments saying that I look great in short hair! Hmm, I still wonder if I would ever chop of my locks 🙂
Have a wonderful weekend!
(a.k.a Plasterdoll)

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