5 Tips for Fabulous Hair

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Just another day at the salon….

Summer-OOTD-(Salon)1 I’ve been asked a lot about my hair care routine and how to get those fabulous locks I have. I’d like to believe it’s in the genes, but the truth is, we Plasterdolls don’t even know if we have parents like most of you do!

Anyway, today I just thought of sharing some hair care tips (or at least that’s how keep my hair healthy and pretty!):

1. Keep your hair and scalp clean – I shampoo my hair daily to keep them clean from dirt and oil (truth is, I just love the smell of my shampoo) and I go for scalp cleansing treatment once a month to keep it clean and healthy.

2. Protect shine and moisture – I shampoo using lukewarm water as it is believed to keep your hair’s natural shine, and finish it off with hair conditioner. I never skipped my thermo-active serum before blow-drying (this acts as a protective layer to prevent heat from damaging hair), for every single photoshoot I make sure my hair stylist uses it before blow-drying my hair. After my hair is dry, I apply some hair serum on the ends of my hair to prevent split ends.

3. Colour and highlights – I like colours that are close to my natural brown (just slightly lighter, darker, hint of red or hint of ash depending on my mood) so it is easier to maintain. I go for touch up every 2 months or so, and always followed by a treatment and more regular deep-conditioning after the hair colouring.

4. Regular pampering – I love pampering my hair so on top of my twice a week wash-and-blow at the salon, I try to go for hair treatment every other week (sometimes I’m just in need of a good head massage!)

5. Use the right products – Nothing is worse than using the wrong product! Make sure you understand you hair type (normal, dry, or oily hair) and use the product that’s suitable for your hair and targeting your problem. I like to stick to my regular products and go easy on new products (I usually introduce one new product at a time into my hair care routine. At least I can tell if the product is working or not!)

(Disclaimer: If these tips don’t work for you, I’m sorry, perhaps it really is in my genes….)

Much love,

Summer (a.k.a Plasterdoll)

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