The Launch of Plasterdoll-Ads


I’ve been working on this little “fashion project” for few months already, and I’m so happy I finally made it to the very first launch of Plasterdoll-Ads!

As you know, I’m the only Plasterdoll who managed to get onto the internet to connect with the human world. Stuff that I discovered is simply too inspiring not to share or replicate to the Plasterdoll-world, especially the advertising campaign for many fashion brands that are always so creative and pretty to look at!

So I gathered three of my model friends who are equally enthusiastic and passionate to work on this very exciting project. We have been working hard and still have got a lot more to do, but we can’t wait to share this so here it is, our very first Plasterdoll Ad Campaign for Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring Summer 2011 collection.

And may I introduce to you one of my three friends, my hot guy friend Stefano!

Please excuse us for the amateur-ish background and setup. We have a lot to improve I’m sure, but I am really happy and proud of our very first ad campaign! 😀

And I hope you love Stefano because you’re going to see more of him! Send some love messages to him, will you? 😉

xoxo, Summer (a.k.a Plasterdoll)

(Please note that this is a fictional story and not an actual advertising campaign for the said label)

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